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Mistra SAMS consists of a unique multidisciplinary team of senior and junior researchers, from various fields.

Core academic partners are KTH Royal Institute of Technology and VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Institute. Other program partners are found in academia, business, industry, public administration and intermediary organizations. Partners from these sectors means that Mistra SAMS can maintain close ties with the world where the program aims to make impact.

Mistra SAMS is supported by

Mistra, The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research

The Mistra SAMS consortium


Botkyrka Municipality

City of Stockholm


Sveriges Ingenjörers Miljöfond


Smart Resenär



Lund University

Karlstad University

Mistra SAMS academic collaboration

VTI  Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

​​​​​​​IIIEE ​​​​​​​ The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University

SAMOT , The Service and Market Oriented Transport Research Group, University of Karlstad

ITRL , The integrated Transport Research Lab at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

SEED , The Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science andEngineering (SEED), School of Architecture and Built Environment at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

SOM , The Department of Urban Planning and Environment, School of Architecture and Built Environment, KTH

The Integrated Product Development and Design Unit  at the Department of Machine Design, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH

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Last changed: May 03, 2023