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Insightful research, commentary, examples and disruptions

Mistra SAMS examines services for sustainable accessibility and mobility from around the world. You will find examples here, along with findings regarding the framework needed for such services to be successful. You will also find op-eds from researchers in the Mistra SAMS programme.

The consequences of our designs: a look into electric scooter service systems

Electric scooters promised us a sustainable mobility future – a more ecological way of moving people. PhD student Liridona Sopjani have conducted a study on e-scooter's environmental effects and associated ecosysems in Los Angeles. 

Read the article in omEV

COVID-19’s impact on work and travel patterns in Swedish public agencies

Peter Arnfalk and Lena Winslott Hiselius conducted a survey on the COVID-19’s impact on work and travel patterns in Swedish public agencies.

"When the Impossible Becomes Possible"

The 1.5 degree business playbook. Build a strategy for exponential climate action.

Mistra SAMS partners with the 1.5°C business playbook

The playbook is a concrete tool guiding companies and organisations of all sizes to exponential climate action, and helping them align with the 1.5°C ambition. "We believe that the Playbook has a great potential to be widely spread and thereby support the necessary transformation of companies and organizations", Anna Kramers, Program director of Mistra SAMS.

The importance of research – Interviews with Mistra Programme Directors

How can content and results from Mistra's research program contribute to a sustainable recovery and long-term social transformation? In a video series, Mistra's programme directors share knowledge and insights from their research programs.

Karolina Isaksson on Swedish Radio: Electric scooters everywhere - is sharing good?

Karolina Isaksson talks about the environmental effects of electric scooters in Prylarnas Pris

How dare you? A Greta Thunbergian appeal to climate scientists

Anders Gullberg challenges researchers to make a Thunbergian declaration

Autonomous vehicles - the backbone of public transport

Anders Gullberg discusses autonomous vehicles.

Kombined mobility: consumer perspectives

A study on consumer perspectives on Mobility as a Service.

Read the report (Swedish)

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