International Scientific Advisory Panel - ISAP

The ISAP contributes to the scientific assessment of Mistra SAMS, where research height and innovation are key criteria.

From left to right: David Banister, Bert Van Wee, Anna Sparrman, Elizabeth Deakin, Simon Marvin. Photo by Tobias Ohls

Mistra SAMS International Scientific Advisory Panel

Professor David Banister, University of Oxford, UK,

Professor emerita Elizabeth Deakin, University of California/Berkeley,

Professor and Director Simon Marvin, The Urban Institute, University of Sheffield, UK.

Professor Bert Van Wee, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Professor Anna Sparrman, Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies, Linköping University

The international scientific advisory panel consists of senior researchers and experts who are internationally recognized as outstanding academic leaders in core fields that are directly relevant to the proposed program. The task of this panel is to explicitly review, guide and challenge the work and progress of the program on an on-going basis. The panel will be expected to strengthen the programs academic excellence by bringing state-of-the-art knowledge and research results, as well as providing explicitly comparative perspectives and policy experiences with regard to “best practices and lessons learned” in their respective areas.

To situate and facilitate challenging discussions directly in relation to the Swedish context, we will bring together competences, experiences and excellence from both international and Swedish research environments.

A message from Mistra SAMS ISAP

The international scientific advisory panel visited Stockholm in October 2017, and they each left a message for the program team.

Mistra SAMS ISAP presentations

Elizabeth Deakin. Photo by Tobias Ohls

During their visit in October 2017, the ISAP members each gave a presentation on current research in their field. The presentations are available through the links below.

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