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Mistra SAMS Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services

Mistra SAMS studies digitally supported services for accessibility and mobility, to understand their potential to transform society and contribute to sustainability.

The consequences of our designs: a look into electric scooter service systems

Electric scooters promised us a sustainable mobility future – a more ecological way of moving people. PhD student Liridona Sopjani have conducted a study on e-scooter's environmental effects and associated ecosysems in Los Angeles. 

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COVID-19’s impact on work and travel patterns in Swedish public agencies

Peter Arnfalk and Lena Winslott Hiselius conducted a survey on the COVID-19’s impact on work and travel patterns in Swedish public agencies.

"When the Impossible Becomes Possible"

More research, commentary, reports

Text: Exponential Roadmap. Scaling 36 solutions to halve emissions by 2030.

Mistra SAMS is hosted and managed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in close cooperation with VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. The program is funded by Mistra the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. Together with its partners, Mistra SAMS conducts innovative research on the sustainable transformation of accessibility and mobility in primarily an urban environment.