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Mistra SAMS Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services

Mistra SAMS studies digitally supported services for accessibility and mobility, to understand their potential to transform society and contribute to sustainability.


A cargo bicycle.

Enriching transformation processes with citizen participation

An important point of departure for our work in Mistra SAMS is that a multitude of actors need to be involved in order to steer society towards a socially just and sustainable transport system. The active involvement of citizens in the transformation processes is crucial for several reasons.

Find out why citizen participation is essential here. 

Exploring sustainable citizenship

In our Living Lab Riksten we aim to analyse the potential that mobility and accessibility services have for altering the mobility practices of citizens and pushing towards a future with more sustainable and equitable travelling. This is done in collaboration with 14 households in Riksten. 

Find out more about our research in Living Lab Riksten. 

Bicycle shed.

Supporting integrated learning in ‘beyond the flagship’ settings

Living Lab Riksten’s location in a semi-suburban area outside of Stockholm means that it differs considerably from many other sites where living labs have been established. In our research we use the phrase “beyond the flagship” to refer to areas such as Riksten and study their specific challenges.

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More research, commentary, reports

Mistra SAMS - a collaborative research program

Mistra SAMS is hosted and managed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in close cooperation with VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. The program is funded by Mistra the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research. Together with its partners, Mistra SAMS conducts innovative research on the sustainable transformation of accessibility and mobility in primarily an urban environment.

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