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Mistra SAMS International Young Researchers

The Mistra SAMS program seeks to engage young, international researchers as active partners in collaborative and comparative research projects within the program’s core areas of interest.

Mistra SAMS has invited Ph.D. students and young researchers in early stages of their career (max 5 years after Ph.D. completion) to apply for grants for short-term research visits at KTH (Royal institute of technology), Stockholm or at VTI (Swedish national road and transport research institute) in Stockholm, Linköping or Lund.

The purpose of the grant was, broadly defined, to work with Mistra SAMS researchers on approaches or projects that seek to provide knowledge on the potential for digitally supported mobility and accessibility services to contribute to a transformation towards sustainable transport systems where climate targets as well as goals related to social equity can be achieved.

Another purpose of the grant program has been to seek international exchanges that will facilitate opportunities for Swedish researchers in the program to participate as guest researchers in leading international environments with strong relevance for the program.

Get to know the researchers who have visited Mistra SAMS here: Jan Bieser, Fabio Hirschhorn, Ioanna Moscholidou, Mohamed Jama Mohamed and Johanna Pohl.

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Last changed: Feb 05, 2024