• Katrin Lättman, researcher in Mistra SAMS WP4, presented a conference paper at Thredbo15

    Published Sep 15, 2017
    On the 13-17 of August, Katrin Lättman, researcher in Mistra SAMS WP4, participated in Thredbo15, International Conference Series on Competition and Ownership in Land Passenger Transport. The conference took place at Stockholm School of Economics and was co-organized by VTI.

  • CESC's seminar at Almedalen

    Published Aug 15, 2017
    Anna Kramers participated in the panel at CESC - Centre for Sustainable Communication's seminar ”Digitalisation for sharing - what about the environment?”, arranged during Almedalen week on 7 July.

  • Mistra SAMS at Almedalen

    Published Jul 12, 2017
    A discussion about new services for sustainable accessibility and mobility in the Stockholm region drew a large audience Monday at Almedalsveckan. The panel was comprised of Daniel Helldén (MP), Gustav Hemming (C), Lena Smidfelt Rosqvist and Charlotte Wäreborn Schultz.

  • Anders Gullberg, Mistra SAMS: Sweden needs more active politics for digitalisation

    Published Jun 19, 2017
    Data is quickly becoming the most important resource in the economy, and society depends on large data platform companies to deliver. These companies need to be run in a responsible way. The political challenge now is to mitigate concentration of power, while still reaping the benefits of digitalisation.

  • Mistra Sustainable consumption – from niche to mainstream

    Published Jun 09, 2017
    KTH is to host a Mistra programme that studies sustainable consumption. The programme will be lead by Karin Bradley and Åsa Svenfelt.

  • WP5 kick-off meeting

  • Anna Kramers participated in the UN Global Compact Nordic Network Meeting 2017

  • Call for papers: Environinfo 2017

    Published Apr 11, 2017
    Environinfo is a long standing and established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies.

  • Workshop on strategic outlook

    Published Apr 06, 2017
    Researchers and other professionals met March 9 for a half-day workshop focusing on different types of services for mobility and accessibility.

  • Mistra SAMS first programme workshop

    Published Apr 06, 2017
    SAMS-researchers met up March 31 to discuss different perspectives on accessibility and mobility to help create a common framing of the issues.

  • DN: Every third car in Stockholm must be removed

    Published Mar 06, 2017
    Stockholm is facing traffic problems as many other cities in the world. Now experts want Stockholm to follow Vancouver's example and set goals to reduce car traffic.

  • Research assistant/PhD in sustainable mobility/urban planning

    Published Feb 07, 2017
    VTI, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, is a research institute and a funding agency with about 200 employees. We are seeking a research assistant /PhD student who will study the implementation of new solutions for sustainable mobility in urban planning at the unit of Mobility, actors and planning (MAP). This position is located in Stockholm.

  • Time to see through Uber

    Published Jan 26, 2017
    Uber has replied to criticism of alleged tax dodging by its drivers (Dagens Nyheter Debatt 8 July). But the problem with this and other internet-based companies is far greater, writes KTH researcher Anders Gullberg.

  • Digitalisation for fossil free transportation in Sweden

    Published Jan 26, 2017
    Sweden aims to become one of the world's first fossil-free countries, which requires a radical change within the transport sector. To facilitate changes, the research foundation Mistra granted 40 million Swedish kronor to research program Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services (SAMS), led by a KTH and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute in close cooperation with the City of Stockholm, group of companies and several additional research and community partner

  • Cars’ dominance is about to end

  • Fastighetsnytt podcast: Do they think when planning infrastructure in wrong paths?

    Published Jan 26, 2017
    A thought-provoking conversation with Anders Gullberg, Associate Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Communications at KTH.

  • Cable car to work?

    Published Jan 26, 2017
    What will the urban transport system look like in the future? Will we travel by cable cars, electric boats or use the existing transport in a smarter way?

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