Mistra SAMS partners with the 1.5°C business playbook

The 1.5 degree business playbook. Build a strategy for exponential climate action.
Published May 18, 2020

This first Business Playbook for exponential climate action was launched at
the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos. It is a concrete tool guiding
companies and organisations of all sizes to exponential climate action, and
helping them align with the 1.5°C ambition.

Mistra SAMS is a partner to the playbook initiative along with
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), WWF, Ericsson, Telia, IKEA, Alfa Laval, Ragn-Sells, AFRY, Sweco, Houdini Sportswear, Formica Capital, Cradlenet,Uppsala Climate Protocol, The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA), Trossa, and many others.

– The 1.5°C Business Playbook will help to kickstart the transformation to the 1.5°C ambition and
points out the very important first steps to take for companies and organizations to be aligned. We
believe that the Playbook has a great potential to be widely spread and thereby support the
necessary transformation of companies and organizations, Dr. Anna Kramers, Program director of Mistra SAMS.

The Playbook is a spin-off from the world-leading Exponential Roadmap . The Playbook is based on four pillars: first, to reduce the company’s own emissions and then to reduce the company’s value chain emissions. The third pillar, and perhaps the most important, is to transform the
company’s products, services and projects to generate low or zero emissions or even remove carbon from the atmosphere. The fourth pillar is to work with other actors in society to accelerate climate action.

The press announcement about Mistra SAMS' partnership was released Monday May 18th 2020. (pdf 1.2 MB)

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