Lecture with Lorenz Hilty: Simulating the post-fossil Swiss city in a game

Lorenz Hilty
Published Jun 04, 2019

Lorenz M. Hilty is Professor at the Department of Informatics at the University of Zürich and heads the Informatics and Sustainability Research (ISR) Group. Professor Hilty gave a talk May 24 2019 on a number of research projects.

Pathways for lowering GHG-emissions

Post-fossil cities

In order to successfully implement Agenda 2030 and the climate protection targets of the Paris Agreement, a massive conversion of urban space infrastructure is needed. The project post-fossil cities in Switzerland make it possible for relevant players to experience the necessary processes in a computer supported simulation game. Read more

Extending the lifespan of mobile devices

Extending the service life of smartphones and other Internet-enabled mobile devices could significantly reduce their ecological footprint. In pursuit of this, it will be necessary to develop innovative approaches that are both economically viable and appealing to consumer. Read more

A time-use approach to sustainability impact assessment of digitalization

This research project examines the causal relationship between ICT use, time use patterns, infrastructure
utilization and environmental impact. Jan Bieser  is conducting research in the project as part of his PhD, and will visit Mistra SAMS in the fall of 2019.

The sharing economy and sustainability

This research project examines the digital sharing economy (DSE). Maria Pouri  is conducting research in the project as part of her PhD.

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