Presentations and feedback from the International Scientific Advisory Panel

Published Oct 03, 2019

Mistra SAMS International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP) visited Stockholm September 25-27 and gave feedback on how the programme is progressing. Bert van Wee and David Banister also presented some of their research as part of the Mistra SAMS Kitchen Talks.

The ISAP  listened to presentations from the programme management as well as a number of PhD:s and read through Mistra SAMS results since their last visit. They saw that the programme had made much progress, and also had feedback on how Mistra SAMS can improve further.

One main message from the panel to Mistra SAMS was this:

Focus on the distinctive contribution of the programme as a whole.

The focus of Mistra SAMS is digital services and sustainability/accessibility, and the panel felt that the programme needs to work more on the synthesis of all the work in connection to the core focus. The leadership in the program will work to identify a few main contributions and messages.

All feedback from the panel will be incorporated into the work carried out by Mistra SAMS.

During their visit, Bert van Wee and David Banister also gave presentations as part of the Mistra SAMS Kitchen Talks :

Bert van Wee Substitutability as a spatial concept to evaluate travel alternatives Mistra SAMS.pdf (pdf 1.1 MB)

David Banister Mobility in future cities 2019.pdf (pdf 2.5 MB)

ISAP 2019, unfortunately professor Deakin was unable to attend
Martin Sjöman was one of the PhDs who presented research
Mistra SAMS works with the Swedish Transport Administration, but sometimes the administration is not quite clear in its strategy
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