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New publications by Mistra SAMS researchers

Published Aug 30, 2021

A paper by Mistra SAMS researchers Jan Bieser and Mattias Höjer, titled "A Framework for Assessing Impacts of Information and Communication Technology on Passenger Transport and Greenhouse Gas Emissions" was accepted for publication at EnviroInfo in the track for sustainable mobility .

The paper presents a developed conceptual framework to guide qualitative and quantitative assessments of the relationship between ICT use, the transport system and GHG emissions. The framework distinguishes three types of effects: (1) First-order effects, GHG impacts of producing, operating and disposing the ICT hardware and software, (2) second-order effects, impacts of ICT on properties of transport modes, transport mode choice and travel demand, and (3) third-order effects, long-term structural changes due to ICT use (e.g. residential relocation). The framework supports researchers in scoping assessments, designing suitable assessment methods and correctly interpreting the results, which is essential to put digitalization in passenger transport at the service of climate protection.

Another paper by Mistar SAMS researchers Tina Ringensson and Anna Kramers titled Mobility as a Service and the Avoid-Shift-Improve approach. During the last few years, “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) has been conceptualized and researched as a platform for integrated, mixed-mode mobility. While some hope it will lead to environmental benefits, its real effects are still unclear.

This article explore how MaaS is related to, and can be combined with, the established “Avoid-Shift-Improve” transport planning approach (ASI). The MaaS concept described in research does not support “Avoid”-ing unnecessary transport.

In the article learnings from MaaS research is combined with learnings from the living lab in Tullinge, where mobility services can be booked in combination with a local co-working hub for commuters.

The conclusion is that public authorities have an important role to play in ensuring that MaaS serves ASI and sustainable mobility. The paper will be presented at EnviroInfor 2021, track Sustainable Mobility  on 28 September.

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Last changed: Aug 30, 2021