Mistra SAMS at Transportforum

Published Dec 10, 2019

Several Mistra SAMS reseachers will participate in Transportforum 2020, which takes places in Linköping January 8-9

Transition to a sustainable transport system – paradigm shifts, resistance and opportunities

Session 4.10 moderated by Karolina Isaksson, Mistra SAMS

8 January, 13.15-14.45

Practice trumps policy? How exploration of uncertain futures is limited in long-term infrastructure planning, Jacob Witzell

The climate report that disappeared - power relations that shape national transport planning, Lars Eriksson

Municipalities power to steer towards "smart" mobility, Anna Wallsten

Do pilot projects contribute to the transformation of the transport sector? Malin Henriksson

The future mobility system

Session 6.12 moderated by Sven Hunhammar, Swedish Transport Administration

8 January, 15.30-17.00

Applying an energy systems perspective to transport emissions: Synergies and trade-offs for climate and air quality, J. Forsberg

Why are all visions so similar? Autonomous vehicles and technological determinism, M. Bemler

Transport futures that reach climate targets 2030/2035 with new accessibility services, Jonas Åkerman

Work trips and new mobility

Session 4.8 moderated by Jan Andersson, Mistra SAMS

9 January, 9.00-10.30

Stimulating change of transport mode choice 1: Behaviour change in employee at Botkyrka municipality, Jan Andersson

Solutions for future working place parking, A. Roth

MM-concept for sustainable communting, N. Hvitlock

Stimulating change of transport mode choice 1: Behaviour change as an effect of an electric car service, Gunilla Björklund

Digitalisation and data sources

Session 10.8 moderated by G. Gidofalvi, KTH

9 January, 11.00-12.30

Real-time data collection of road surface status, with regular vehicles, B. Zachrisson

Digitalization of pavement quality using drones and sensors for better logistics operation, J. Rodriguez Millan

Digital Data Sharing for Reduced Emissions in Port Visits, M. Lind

The potential of route based ERS network optimization, G. Gidofalvi

Digital mobility services contribution to sustainable travel patterns - experiences from Mistra SAMS living lab, Anna Kramers

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