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Workshop "Strengthening consideration of new and combined mobility solutions in strategic planning"

Tid: On 2022-08-31 kl 12.00 - 16.00

Knowledge on possibilities and challenges surrounding new mobility and accessibility solutions is evolving, but there is still great uncertainty regarding their long-term impact on the development of the transport system. As knowledge is limited, it is not surprising that the role of new solutions is described in vague and quite general terms in long-term transport strategies. On 31 August, Mistra SAMS gather strategic planners and mobility experts working in public organisations to exchange experiences and needs to strengthen the consideration of new, combined mobility solutions in long-term transport planning. The headline is: Strategic transport planning and combined mobility – two separate worlds? The workshop provides an opportunity to learn among different professions and perspectives, and between different public organizations.

For more information, see the full invitation (in Swedish) (pdf 258 kB)

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