Inspirational research, op-eds, services and disruptions

Mistra SAMS examines services for sustainable accessibility and mobility from around the world. You will find plenty of examples here, along with findings regarding the framework needed for such services to be successful. You will also find op-eds from researchers in the Mistra SAMS programme.

Time to pursue an active, bold digital-transformation policy

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Business and operator models for MaaS

A paper from the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR).

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Urban transport: eliminating blind spots and missing links in the era of the fourth industrial (r)evolution

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Trivector's podcast from Almedalen with Anna Kramers and Jonas Åkerman from Mistra SAMS.

A possible transformation of the transport sector: new business models and digital platforms for information, contracts and payments.

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A review of mobility services

Kamargianni, M and Matyas, M

Transportation Research Procedia · December 2016

An Integrated Information and Payment Platform

Report from the KTH Centre for Sustainable Communications

Urban transport is a useless service – this is how we can solve its problems!

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