MiaS is far greater than MaaS

MaaS (Mobility as a Service) has, alongside electrification and self-driving cars, been much hyped by the transport sector, with its promise of subscriptions to combined transport services. But we must not forget that all modes of transport are already services, or MiaS – Mobility is a Service!

These mobility services create accessibility and meet derived demand . Self-service - privately owned cars using third-party infrastructure, still predominates. We overlook the infrastructure services that underpin all modes of transport. This infrastructure, augmented by digitisation and dynamic pricing, can provide the coordination that everyone calls for, but no-one can find. A recent example is the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, whose transport-focused study ‘ This is how Sweden meets its climate goals for transport ’ (Så klarar Sveriges transporter klimatmålen) fumbles for an answer.


Anders Gullberg, June 2019

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