Mistra SAMS yearly conference for the whole consortium

All members of the Mistra SAMS Consortium are welcome to the programme's yearly conference that is arranged in the format of lunch-to-lunch meeting and will take place in Balingsholm Hotel on 26 - 27 October.

Time: Thu 2017-10-26 12.00 - Fri 2017-10-27 13.00

Location: Balingsholm Hotel in Huddinge

Mistra SAMS yearly conference is open to anyone who is a part of the programme (researchers, partners, and board members). At the conference we will share early results, and plan the work ahead.

This year, we will work together on a test case for a Living Lab designed by work package 5, Designing and testing accessibility services and platforms. Our goal is to try collaboration between work packages in a detailed scenario to answer strategic questions: what results do work packages need to share with each other - and how?

Participants in the yearly conference will also be given a crash course in media relations and interview technique. Many of Mistra SAMS members are frequently interviewed and we are sure that tips and tricks are useful! The course is lead by Björn Carlgren, journalist and media relations expert.

Mistra SAMS has also invited Mistra to present their organisation and work that they do. Finally the conference is, of course, an excellent opportunity to learn more about the work being done in the various work packages and to create closer ties within Mistra SAMS.


Preliminary Program

26 October

11.30 Pick up by bus at Huddinge station

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Introduction and presentation of participants

13.30 Mistra presents their work

14.00 Mistra SAMS programme overview and input from ISAP

14.30-15.00 Fika

15.00 Short presentation from WP2 - Karolina

15.05 Presentation of results from WP3 and discussion

15.35 Presentation of results from WP4 and discussion

16.05 Presentation from WP6 and WP7

16.15 - 16.30 Short pause

16.30 How we work with communication in Mistra SAMS

External and internal communication is highly relevant for Mistra SAMS success. Mistra SAMS communications officer will give an overview of our strategy.

17.00 Message and media training

A crash course from Björn Carlgren.

18.30 Free time before dinner

19.00 Dinner

27 October

8.30 Short summary of the previous day

8.45 Introduction to workshop led by WP5

9.05 Strat - Group work 1

10.00 - 10.15 Fika

10.15 Start - Group work 2

10.45 Presentation from 6 workshop groups (10 min for each group) 

11.45 What happens next in the Programme

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Departure

2017-10-26T12:00 2017-10-27T13:00 Mistra SAMS yearly conference for the whole consortium Mistra SAMS yearly conference for the whole consortium
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