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Kitchen talk with Dr. Jacqueline Klopp - An Urban Living Labs Approach to Popular Transport in the Global South; Does it Work?

Time: Wed 2024-06-12 12.00

Location: Zoom

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Language: English

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Dr. Jackie Klopp, Director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Development at the Columbia Climate School  will present the Volvo Research Foundations(VREF) funded Partnership for Research on Informal and Shared Mobility (PRISM)  and reflections on the initial work of seven very different living labs (Accra/Kumasi, Bangkok, Beijing, Bogota, Cape Town, Mumbai, San Jose (Costa Rica)).

Recognizing that vast number of people across the globe rely on popular transport modes such as rickshaws, motorcycle taxis and minibuses, the aim of PRISM is to explore how to leverage the urban living lab and 3Es (engagement, equity, eco-systems) approach to work with and improve these services as well as support integrating them into institutionalized transport modes to build better multi-transport transportation systems and provide equitable access and justice. This talk will introduce the work and reflect on opportunities and challenges around this approach and is an invitation for engagement as this work unfolds.

Mistra SAMS Kitchen Talks are a series of informal webinars where we present ongoing research within the program and by our partners. The webinars are held in English.