Living lab practice and interview training at Mistra SAMS yearly conference

Published Nov 07, 2017

Mistra SAMS yearly conference took place October 26-27 at Balingsholm hotel in Huddinge. Representatives from the consortium participated in the two-day conference and workshop. Each work package presented their progress, and the attendees considered different living labs Mistra SAMS might work with next year.

The conference opened with a presentation from Mistra director Christopher Folkeson Welch on the latest developments within the organisation: Mistra's headquarters are moving to Sveavägen in December, the organisation is going to Bonn for COP 23, and new research programmes are in the making.

After hearing from the research programme funders, programme directors Anna Kramers and Jonas Åkerman gave an overview of Mistra SAMS work so far, and the results of the work with Mistra SAMS International Scientific Advisory Panel. All work packages then presented their progress and upcoming work. Mistra SAMS:s communications officer outlined the communication strategy for the year ahead, which emphasizes collaboration with international research environments.

The last point of the day, and much appreciated, was a crash course in media relations held by Björn Calgren which showed the need to prepare for any interviews with the press, in order to stay on message about what Mistra SAMS aims to understand and influence. Many researchers tied to Mistra SAMS are frequently contacted by the media so have much to gain from preparing before meeting reporters.

On the second day, participants worked with hypothetical living labs to better understand how Mistra SAMS:s works packages better can collaborate to provide input and outpout in the actual living labs that the program will create.

Looking towards the upcoming year in the program a main take-away from the yearly conference was that the consortium will strive to increase collaboration across work packages so that Mistra SAMS establishes a common understanding of the concepts being investigated.

Further reading:

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Mistra SAMS yearly conference presentation from management 20171026.pdf (pdf 2.6 MB)

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