Mistra SAMS International Young Researcher Grants

The Mistra SAMS program seeks to engage young, international researchers as active partners in collaborative and comparative research projects within the program’s core areas of scientific interest. Mistra SAMS therefore invites Ph.D. students and young researchers in early stages of their career (max 5 years after Ph.D. completion) to apply for grants for short-term research visits at Swedish universities or other research environments within the program.

The purpose of the grant is, broadly defined, to work with Mistra SAMS researchers on approaches or projects that seek to understand processes of developing and introducing disruptive accessibility innovations in specific international settings and their possible implications for Swedish urban contexts.

Another purpose of the grant program is to seek international exchanges that will facilitate opportunities for Swedish researchers in the program to participate as guest researchers in leading international environments with strong relevance for the program.

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Tasks and expected outcomes

Successful applicants will be expected to work collaboratively with other researchers within specific work packages of the program, as well as participate actively in relevant program-wide activities such as workshops and seminars. Research activities may consist of (but are not limited to) the following kinds of work:

  • Comparative case studies of planning and implementing innovative, digitally-supported accessibility services in specific urban or rural areas that can provide insights to Swedish cases;
  • Studies of “best practices” in specific areas and their implications for future research and policy agendas both in Sweden and internationally;
  • Theoretical, state-of-the-art approaches for e.g. benchmarking new approaches or concepts that are relevant for understanding various dimensions of sustainable urban accessibility.

The work can be both exploratory or result-oriented, but the research visit is expected to result in a tangible outcome in the form of e.g. a joint article in an international scientific journal or a written publication in another appropriate context (preferably international). Where relevant, joint participation in international conferences (e.g. in the form of shared sessions) is also encouraged, as are joint applications for research grants. The guest researcher is required to submit a summary report of her/his work within four weeks after completion of the visit.

What the Mistra SAMS grant covers

The duration of the guest research visit will normally be 1-3 months, although other time frames are possible. The Mistra SAMS grant can be used to cover costs that are directly related to the research visit, i.e. travel costs, accommodation costs and other direct costs, e.g costs of material. Salary costs, meals and/or per diem will not be covered by the grant. Each applicant can only be awarded one SAMS grant in the same year.


Successful candidates must have documented scientific competence (or on-going Ph.D. work) in an area of core relevance to a specific scientific team or work package within the Mistra SAMS program. Only Ph.D. candidates or researchers with a Ph.D. degree granted within the past five years will be considered.

An important purpose of the young researcher visits is also to initiate, deepen or otherwise contribute to building up long-term institutional cooperation and contacts between Swedish scholars and international research environments. Priority will therefore be given to candidates who are affiliated with environments that have strong scientific relevance to the work of the program. Both the candidate’s home department/research unit and the Swedish host (work package leader) should motivate and confirm their support of the research visit.

Procedures and how to apply

The invitation to apply for grants is continuously open, but candidates will be expected to carry out their research visit within six months of having received the grant. Applications (normally 2-5 pages) should include:

  • A description of the proposed work (see examples above), its connection to specific research areas ( eg. work packages ) of the Mistra SAMS program, and its expected contribution;
  • Description of the candidate’s institutional environment and its relevance for the work of the program;
  • Planned collaborations with specific Mistra SAMS researchers, as well as possible planned or existing institutional collaborations;
  • Expected tangible outcomes;
  • A letter of endorsement from the candidate’s home institution

Applications, which will be approved by Mistra SAMS Core Management Team, should be submitted to info@sams.kth.se

For more information, kindly contact Olena Tatarchenko (olenata@kth.se)

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