Mistra SAMS kitchen talks

In the fall of 2019, Mistra SAMS hosts a number of informal seminars and presentations in the kitchen/open seminar room on the second floor of Teknikringen 10b at KTH Campus.

Mistra SAMS will provide light lunch for a limited number of attendees, and you are also most welcome to bring your own lunch!

Times and topics

Thu, 5/09

Fabio Hirschhorn, TU Delft

Understanding the governance of public transport for less car dependency

Wed, 18/09

Anders Gullberg, UrbanCity

Transport an economic sector of its own and for all – this is how it works

Wed, 25/09, 14.00 – 15.00

Bert van Wee, TU Delft

Substitutability as a concept to understand travel behaviour and its implications

Fri, 27/09, 15.00 – 16.00

David Banister, University of Oxford

Mobility in Future Cities - Sustainable and Smart?

Wed, 2/10

Jan Bieser, University of Zurich

Impacts of information and communication technology on individual time use and the environment

Wed, 16/10​

Johanna Pohl, Technical University of Berlin

Smart and green? Environmental effects of digitalization in the case of Smart Homes

Wed, 30/10

Anders Gullberg, UrbanCity

The most far-reaching goal directed societal transformation ever. The case of transforming urban transport to sustainability

Thu, 7/11

Hampus Mårtensson, KTH

A literature study on Sustainable Transition Studies

Wed, 20/11

Liridona Sopjani, KTH

Mobility ecosystem sprawl: innovating for decarbonisation or creating more chaos?

Insights from city of Los Angeles

Thu, 5/12


Wed, 11/12

Ioanna Moscholidou, University of Leeds

The governance of smart mobility: early insights on issues of accountability in Stockholm, Seattle, and Greater Manchester

Wed, 18/12


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