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Findings from Mistra SAMS at Remotecon

Published Apr 07, 2020

Jan Bieser is a PhD student at the University of Zürich UZM and is one of the young international researchers who have visited Mistra SAMS. He will be presenting results from research done in the Mistra SAMS living lab in Tullinge at Remotecon 2020.

RemoteCon is a remote conference about remote work.

Jan Bieser will present research about the environmental impacts of co-working (pdf 2.0 MB) , based on

Vaddadi, B.; Bieser, J.; Pohl, J.; Kramers, A. (2020): Towards a conceptual framework of direct and indirect environmental effects of co-working. In Proceedings of ICT4S 2020 – 7th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability. ACM, Virtual Conference, 8 pages [accepted for publication]

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